It's pretty insane that our legal system allows for employers to mandate anything medical.

What's next? If it's good for the company, why can't they mandate birth control or weigt loss drugs or psychoactive drugs like ritalin to boost focus?

Whoever thinks it's ok for your employer to mandate anything medical, that cannot be removed at the end of your shift is a total moron that forgot what civil rights means.

I recall this argument was used to strike down the OSHA mandate, how the heck does it not apply to employers too?

Also, there's no place where you can find the FDA approved corminaty or spikevax. Heck, they pretty much passed on to the bivalent trash, which is just EUA.

Maybe these employers need to be reminded of this fact, as it's an argument currently being held in another case...

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Given that I believe in reincarnation I look forward to a time when most of the vaccinated people will be dead. They've gotten off to such a bad start in this life and it's so unusual for thoroughly brainwashed people to wake up that the end of their current existence might be the kindest thing for their eternal souls. Those who let themselves be forced into it will likely have open enough minds to find some plant or other treatments offered by real healers and extend their lives and rid themselves of the unnatural molecules/crystals which aggregate with the incitement of the worst EMF's that the psychopaths have concocted.

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Great stuff Aimee, you perfectly encapsulated why the mandates are the hill to die on. Evil never rests!

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Thanks to Rob from https://robc137.substack.com for alerting me to a publishing glitch that initially happened with this article. Unfortunately, his comments got deleted when I fixed the problem. My apologies for that, Rob. I do appreciate everyone sharing their POV here.

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Outstanding. Thank you.

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Excellent blog. I am a NYC resident and have been horrified since March 2020 over what's been going on here. Please note every Sunday the Medical Freedom Alliance (MFANY.ORG) holds meetings at the Metropolitan Republican Club, 122 East 83rd Street between Park & Lexington, 1:30pm. Please attend.

I have been writing songs about the plandemic for the last three years. Check some of them out.

POD PEOPLE BARBECUE. Origin of mask-wearing zombies revealed in song!


The people graduate “with honors” from this institution of “higher learning.” Watch SHEEPLE UNIVERSITY. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/sheeple-university

The Plandemic Is compared to the Salem Witchcraft Trials. Watch 1692 WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/1692-was-a-very-good-year

“Doctor” Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton have joined forces to remind us “Trust the Science.” Watch TRUST THE SCIENCE RAG here: https://turfseer.substack.com/p/trust-the-science-rag

BONUS: Free PDF Download. BEST OF SUBSTACK VOLUME 1. Gems culled from Best Substacks with links to the full article. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/best-of-substack-volume-1

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Excellent article. Thank you Aimee. I agree 100%. The willingly vaccinated who are also pro-mandate are not seeing the big picture. My concern has always been the precedents that are being set, the massive shift of power from the people to government, and the fundamental question: Can you be certain in the future you will ALWAYS agree with bureaucrats' opinion of what is healthy and good for you and for others?

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