Excellent interview. Shellie is a hero in my book.

Promoting this false idea of an emergency is how they get so many to take their clot shots. It is imperative that we continually dispel their notion of an “emergency.” We must recognize at the outset there was a tremendous amount of over exaggeration by the media. Here in NY the Javits Center for example was empty. I met people who went down there and spoke to EMS drivers who said so. As for the hospitals many were not overflowing as many would LIKE to believe. If some were crowded that's because of the panic instilled by these exaggerated news reports. Most of the deaths were typically of the elderly due to pre-existing conditions. In China and Northern Italy atypical pneumonia due to longstanding air pollution. Many deaths were caused by iatrogenic treatment--giving people Remdesivir which caused kidney failure and then putting them on ventilators. The PCR tests cannot diagnose infection. It does not measure viral load. All it does is declare that you have a "case" of Covid, the vast majority being asymptomatic. But the CDC falsely uses these "case" numbers to make people believe there is a "pandemic." The problem is that so-called "science" today is nothing more than a religion. It's because too many people trust the "experts" and believe whatever they’re told without investigating viewpoints outside the mainstream.

THE EMERGENCY. Unending fake public health “emergencies” enable global elites to maintain an iron grip on a worldwide population living in fear. Listen to Turfseer’s new song. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-emergency

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Great interview Shellie!!! I’m so glad the word is getting out about the hypocrisy of show biz. Audiences at home have no idea what their favorite shows have done. They will be very disappointed and I hope more and more viewers send a message through boycotts.

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