I stand with you and agree with everything you said! I was on episode 5 of this podcast. I was a NYC teacher who was forced to resign after 20 years at the same school. I left NY to live and teach in TN. The struggle is real, the emotional trauma is real, the wounds are still fresh 2 years after leaving. My heart breaks for everybody who was affected by these disgusting mandates. I would love to speak to you. Please reach out to me. Here is my email: jenmor718@msn.com

We need to keep fighting because this is far from over and I won't stop until justice is served and they are all held accountable. I want a public apology from those tyrants who ruined our lives. I pray every day for this nightmare to end. We need to make people aware this is real and we do struggle.

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Virginia you are to be praised for fighting the tyrants. But even Covid is a con job.

There is no Covid. That is an invention just like all the other lies that came afterward. There are a myriad of reasons people got sick during the "Covid" era--none having to do with the fairy tale of a specific pathogen. Most of it was repackaged flu or similar respiratory illness mostly found in the elderly who had pre-existing conditions to begin with. The "virus" has always been a cover story for environmental poisoning (especially air pollution) and iatrogenic treatment.

Read Jon Rappoport's seminal blog: The Pandemic Pattern--How the Illusion is Built. https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/09/08/pandemic-pattern-how-illusion-is-built/

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Come to Medical Freedom Alliance ,meetings at The Metropolitan Republican Club at 122 East 83rd Street, off Lexington, Sundays, 1:30pm. Mfany.org.

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