Great job as usual Aimee. I think the answer is pretty simple though, they're all bought and/or compromised.

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Here's the Senator John Liu transcribed:

NY State senator John Liu doesn’t care about thousands of NYC teachers who lost their jobs

911 Jedi, June 30, 2022


[hat tip: https://nooneyouknow.substack.com/p/the-problem-with-censorship-by-omission ]

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: This was filmed by Chris in a public park.


CHRIS: Senator Liu, hi how you doing?


CHRIS: My name's Chris.

JOHN LIU: Chris?

CHRIS: I have a question for you.

JOHN LIU: Yeah, what's happening?

CHRIS: Um, so you are the chairperson of the Senate Committee on New York City Education.


CHRIS: Is that correct? OK.

JOHN LIU: Yes. And I'm also a member of the Education Committee itself.

CHRIS: Fantastic.

JOHN LIU: The education committee gets, it's like really bogged down with issues in Watertown and—

CHRIS: Hmm hmmm.

JOHN LIU: — Buffalo.


JOHN LIU: Rochester.

CHRIS: Here we are in New York City, we're in Queens right now. So my question is, so far 965 New York City teachers have been fired for not getting the vaccine.


CHRIS: And on September 6 that number's going to go up by probably a couple of thousand because—


CHRIS: — people signed up for the leave without pay options. So how do you feel about the fact that thousands of New York City teachers are, have have lost and will lose their jobs for not getting the vaccine?

JOHN LIU: Just get the vaccine.

CHRIS: Just get the vaccine?

JOHN LIU: Just get the vaccine. [stepping back, away from Chris]

CHRIS: You don't believe that people have the right to—

JOHN LIU [coming close, shaking fist, shouting into the camera]: Just get the vaccine! Get vaxed and boosted! [turns his back and starts to walk away]

CHRIS: So the vaccine doesn't work because Eric Adams* got covid, President Biden got covid—

JOHN LIU: Listen.

CHRIS: They've all been double vaxed and—

JOHN LIU: Listen, get the vax and do do do us all a favor, tell your colleagues to get vaccinated.


JOHN LIU: That's important. [turns his back again and continues walking away]

CHRIS: — people don't have the right to do what they want with their own body? So I've got you on record saying that, in the land of the free people don't have the right to do that.

JOHN LIU: Sir, you can, you can spout out as much nonsense as you want.

CHRIS: That's not nonsense.

JOHN LIU: Absolutely.

CHRIS: That's not nonsense. The vaccines—

JOHN LIU: The Center for Disease Control, the Department of Health, they all say get vaxed.

CHRIS: And the FDA approved it, the FDA also approved oxycontin for kids.

JOHN LIU: [addressing white-haired man, who appears standing to the right]: Are you vaccinated, sir?


JOHN LIU [addressing white haired man]: Thank you very much. Thank you because everybody has the right to do—

CHRIS: The FDA approved oxycontin for children.

JOHN LIU: — what they want with their body but they do not have a right to infect everybody else. [to white-haired man]: Thank you very much. [turns back to Chris and continues walking away]

WHITE-HAIRED MAN [to John Liu]: [inaudible]

CHRIS: And people who got the vaccine are infecting other people.

WHITE-HAIRED MAN [addressing John Liu]: Um, I wanted to ask you, um—

CHRIS: I got you on the record.

JOHN LIU [waving at camera]: Thank you!

CHRIS: Got you on the record.

JOHN LIU [smiling and waving at Chris's camera] Thank you! Hello everyone!

CHRIS: People do not have, according to Senator Liu, people do not have the right—

JOHN LIU [still waving at camera, but turning away, to the white-haired man]: Thank you.

CHRIS: — to do what they want with their own bodies. OK.

WHITE-HAIRED MAN [looking at Chris' camera] Alright. [turning his back then, and beginning conversation with John Liu]

CHRIS: OK, they must get an experimental vaccine.

WHITE-HAIRED MAN [addressing John Liu]: Alright, so anyway [inaudible]

CHRIS: Run away. A typical politician running away.

WHITE-HAIRED MAN: [inaudible]

JOHN LIU [to white-haired man]: Yeah, yeah, of course I remember—



#   #   #


New York State Senator John Liu:


*Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City, was already double-vaxxed and boosted when he fell sick and tested positive for covid. See: https://edition.cnn.com/2022/04/10/us/mayor-eric-adams-covid-19-positive/index.html

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Thank you for your work. So clear.

Here's the LA Times' twisted propagandistic take on the censorship ruling. The title says it all:

"Opinion: Banning government officials from talking to Big Tech is no win for free speech"

(the article is probably behind a paywall, and certainly not worth paying for)...


With "journalism" like this, it's no wonder that in Los Angeles, the City Employee Vax Mandate (a law, passed by the LA City Council and former Mayor Eric Garcetti, affecting 50K workers, new hires and even volunteers) is STILL IN EFFECT.

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I was just thinking here. I wonder what would happen if no press showed up? I dunno, I think it sends a loud clear message. Just a thought.

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Excellent reporting and a calm, rational and respectful analysis. Thank you, Aimee.

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Nice work as always Aimee ❤️

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She's just another power hungry politician who leaps on the cool thing to capitalize.

You're right about the media. Because they don't have to explain their position, they avoid having an opinion.

Your interview really got her to express the party line she follows. She pretends to be fighting for the working class, but she's been going along with the war machine and this pharma sham.

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Welcome to the conservative base. We have been standing where you are now, for decades.

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