As an NYC educator fired under vaccine segregation myself, it's odd to me that victims of it would reach into other countries' communist purges for a historical analogy. There's a much more relevant precedent in our own country's anti-communist purges. These extended into liberal NYC itself with the "Feinberg law" banning any suspected communists from teaching.


I suspect there is a great deal of intergenerational shame in NYC--and around the country--on this subject which prevents us from facing the invaluable lessons it teaches us about state repression in the US.

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Really enjoyed hearing your story. I was the NYC teacher who moved to Tennessee and would love to speak to you. We both fled NYC due to these mandates and we will never forget. I'm glad you are doing well. Please feel free to email at jenmor718@msn.com. I would love to share stories and as former NYC DOE employees also. God bless you and your family.

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